Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips

Trick-or-treating can be one of the most fun Halloween events for your kids. However, it can also be potentially dangerous because it happens outside in the dark. Here are some Halloween safety tips to make sure your kids come home safe and happy:

1.Never go into a stranger’s house – Only get candy from houses that give it to you at the door. If someone invites them in, tell them to just say “no, thanks” and leave immediately.

2.Use the buddy system – Kids should never go trick or treating without a sibling, friend, or parent. If they are going out without parents, make sure you know the area where they will be trick-or-treating.

3.Set a curfew – If you aren’t going trick or treating with your kids, set a time that they need to be home by or a time for them to check in with a phone call. That way, you know that they are safe.

4.Eat a snack / dinner before trick or treating – By eating something beforehand, your kids won’t be as tempted to eat their treats before they come home…which leads to the next tip…

5.Always cross streets at interections and walkways – Make sure your child knows how to cross a street and to only cross at designated intersections.

6.Always check candy before giving it to your child – Make sure none of the candy is open or looks like it was tampered with. If you have small children, make sure the candy is not a choking hazard.

7.Steer Clear of Vacant or Poorly Lit Homes.

8.Wear something reflective in your costume and carry a flashlight – It’s going to be dark out by the time you go home, so make sure cars can see you at night. Put reflective tape on the costume and trick or treating bags.

9.Create well fitting costumes – Kids will be running from house to house, so make sure their costume is suitable for running. Make sure face marks still allow your child to see their full range, make sure capes are not too long to trip over, and ensure any swords are not too sharp. Have them wear gym shoes.

10.Choose flame resistant materials for costumes – Since there can be candles and other open flames at houses, choose a fire resistant material for costumes to avoid burn injuries.

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